What do you want to let go of?

Hello dear friend,

Last week I wrote about Spring and encouraged you to observe what is awakening in you.

Today, I want to ask another important question,
“What do you want to let go of?” 

As Winter has passed, many things are changing. Last week I took my camera along for an afternoon of exploring this one question with kindness and curiosity. To learn about change and letting go I turned to the two best teachers I know – nature in its exquisite beauty and my heart which resonates to it.

NarrowsButterflies-02With the stillness of heart and mind, and the feel of the gentle breeze in the meadow of flowers I began to really understand what letting go means.

I took the attached photo just as I came to realize these simple and profound truths about letting go:

The seed had to let go the safety of the shell and open to the nurturing of the warmth of the sun, the dark of the night. It had to let go of being a seed and trust that it can be so much more even as it squeezed its fragile little green body out of the hard shell. It had to allow the rains to soak into its soul and let go of its fear of the future to grow into a lovely green plant that could learn to dance in the wind.

The little green bud you see in the photo has to trust to give in with grace to the transformation to its greatest potential – unafraid to allow nature’s paintbrush to create its colorful magic.

And then, at just the right time, with all her wisdom, nature arranges for a love affair between two fearless beings who have let go. The butterfly who had the courage to allow itself to be so much more beautiful than the chrysalis or the caterpillar it used to be. And the flower which used to be a seed and will again become a seed.

It is only this letting go that opens us up to the potential for so much beauty, grace and growth.

So with all the delicate care this moment invites, I ask myself again, what am I invited to let go of? I consider thoughts, behaviors, or beliefs that no longer serve me. For me, these thoughts are usually around moments when I get caught in frustration, anger, expectations, feelings of guilt or inadequacy, or worrisome beliefs that ultimately cause disconnection and distrust within myself. These moments when I feel so much smaller than what my potential is.

In mindfulness, in the stillness, I can turn towards those uncomfortable thoughts. When I shine loving attention on them, I can more easily let them go – they are no longer part of this season in my life. In fact I welcome the letting go as an invitation change into a wiser and more fully alive heart, mind and body.

Again, I invite you to gently take a few breaths, and open up to these questions:

What has passed?
What thoughts or beliefs no longer serve me?
What can I let go of?
What can I open to as I let go?

This opening may bring up a range of emotions or reactions. Practice allowing it all, with love and compassion for yourself.

As always, I’m sending heartfelt wishes for ease and well being for you and your loved ones.

In gratitude,