Heartfelt Feedback

Mindfulness is a life-changing journey, and my goal is to support participants understand their reactivity and responses to stress. Additionally, I incorporate mindful movement and body-awareness activities that explore the powerful mind-body connection. All of my work is led with sincere kindness, self-compassion, and mindful communication to support each participant’s journey.

Through my work, I collect evaluations and feedback so I can continue to grow as a practitioner. I am honored and humbled to share the following responses to mindfulness practice with me.

This class was very useful in allowing me to learn more about myself – the good as well as the not so great parts of myself. It was an opportunity to learn about a new way to address stress. I have a long way to go, but I’m glad I embarked on this journey.

I have been able to meet myself with much more compassion than usual. My emotions have been more easily accessed instead of being stuffed.

I was scared to be alone with my feelings. I feel particularly vulnerable around my family. It is amazing that instead of saying STOP IT and trying to set [my feelings] aside, simply asking myself, “what is difficult to feel right now” makes it settle down. That is life-changing. This class is life-changing.

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I’ve recognized some mindless triggers, such as guilt and shame, that hijack my attitudes and block/inhibit my ability to be honest with my needs and wants. Learning to apply new techniques has given me the tools to lead a more examined life – with more authenticity when dealing with my family.