Rainy Day Mindfulness


It’s a coldSunset in the Berkshires in Northwestern Massachusetts, February 2010 rainy day in Austin, Texas – with “not a sky in the clouds” as my friend likes to say.  I know there are parts of the country that are much colder as we welcome February into 2015.

I am sitting by the window, listening to the rain and sipping a hot cup of tea. And as I sit,  turning fully toward the moment, I realize that while rainy and cold days can get me down, they can also be an invitation to just a little more care, kindness and warmth towards oneself.

Here are a few things to practice on a cold rainy day – spending a few moments to gift yourself a little extra warmth, kindness and care.

  • Take a few deep breaths (feeling your belly rise as you inhale and your shoulders soften as you exhale). And as you breath in and out, invite a gentle attention to your heart center and feel your warm heart beating in your body.
  • Perhaps bring yourself a warm drink and spend a few mindful moments with yourself and the drink – just feeling the warmth of the cup in your hands. As you raise the cup to your lips, feeling the steam and aromas rise to meet you. Fully tasting the sips of the drink and feeling the warmth of that drink nourish your body and spirit.
  • Invite yourself to offer the same care and attention to a hot nourishing meal in the evening if you are moved to do so.
  • Wrap yourself in some warmth – offer a little comfort for your body – a favorite sweater, a soft sweatshirt, a cozy blanket or a pair of warm soft socks. Offering these little gifts of kindness and noticing exactly how it makes you feel when you really pay kind attention.
  • And while you are at it, how about sharing a heartfelt warm smile or hug with someone around you? You may be surprised at how simple and heartwarming it is when you give it your whole hearted attention even for just a second.

IMG_6974Take a tiny moment to offer yourself some gratitude for these little gifts of warmth today, dear friend.

Just a few precious moments of mindfulness and kindness can make all the difference. Thank you for your practice of kindness and care.