Cultivating Curiosity

Geeta Cowlagi Mindfulness JoyfulLivingA warm greeting to you. As always, I hope you are experiencing ease and joy in your days. As we settle into Fall, I want to invite you to begin to pay attention.

I know, I know, this may seem like another “task,” another “thing to do,” but truly, this is a simple invitation, which you can access at any point. The summer is ending, schedules are shifting, and life is moving. Our bodies feel this transition, especially as the days grow shorter and the holidays become not-so-distant realities. My invitation is to be curious during this time, towards yourself, your heart, your body, and your mind.

Mindfulness can be an ally any time, but especially can help us “recharge” during these “restart” times. With mindfulness, you can practice paying attention to each of life’s moments, with kindness and care.

Through mindfully, kindly, exploring my own thoughts and heart, I discovered that nature has a profound effect on me. I can still remember the first time I saw leaves that had changed from green to golden yellow and brown. I stared at those leaves and took in all their details – the tiny veins, the hardened feel, the richness of their beauty. I didn’t judge the leaves, I didn’t decide they were more or less interesting before. I was deeply curious in observing them.

This is the same practice I work to cultivate in myself. As the seasons change, as the weeks, the days, even the minutes change, so do I. And through that change, I remain curious about my heart, my body, and my mind.

Here’s a lovely set of reminders for mindful attention:
Start with one breath. In, out, let it go.
Try and relax the body for this moment.
Take another breath. In, out, let it go.
Allow whatever comes up to be present with gentle curiosity and without judgement.
As you continue to breathe and relax your body, notice what you need in the moment. Don’t worry about fixing it, but respond to the need with kindness and care.

I send you so much love in this time of transition. May you be well. May the days ahead be insightful for you.

In gratitude,